Friday, August 26, 2016

First Week of School

Breathe, you can handle this! Remember it is a process not a race, looking forward to a fantastic year!


Language Services At-a-Glance (be sure to be signed into Lotus Notes) - information about interpreting supports from the district.

- Middle School students and personal children. Please be sure that your personal students are supervised before and after school. I have also shared with families that we are unable to have middle school students stay in the media center after school. Please be mindful of supervision of personal children.


PLTs will start this week focusing on norms, role, and supporting each other during meetings. It is important to maximize our time and focus on what the students are learning, how will we know they learned it, and what are we going to do if or if they don't learn the identified standards. 


Be sure to complete your "befunky photo (thank you Lauren for organizing

Critical Thinking 

Did you turn in all of your forms and via the videos??