Monday, May 29, 2017

May 30th


Elective report cards should be completed by Friday, June 2nd. 

EVALUATION DOCUMENTS: At the end of each year, it is highly recommended that all employees save a copy of their NCEES evaluation documents for professional documentation. If an employee leaves WCPSS, these documents are no longer available to the individual in the online system. At a minimum, employees should maintain a folder (electronic or paper) containing a copy of the Summary Evaluation for each year employed. Intranet Link to Directions for Saving Evaluation Activities: Link to Evaluation Documents

EOG Reminders -
Separate test book and answer sheets (don't put in books)
Hall monitor form MUST be put under the door if EITHER adults or children need to go to restroom. Students can not leave classroom w/o the hall monitor being there to take student to bathroom.
If coming in from recess, please use door down at K-1 hall or door by patio (students are still testing in the media center)


At the Arts Integration Institute, teachers have the opportunity to work with extraordinary teaching artists who understand how classrooms really work. Teachers learn how to think creatively, collaborate, and invigorate their classrooms. There will be six unique workshops designed to integrate arts and non-arts Common Core and NC Essential Standards. Workshops are fun and interactive!​ If you are interested in attending (for free) June 19-23, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, please let Ashley know asap.


Records Review - June 12th records review schedule -- Schedule for collaboration. See Holly if you have questions. 

EOG Information - Day 1 is in the books (3rd Grade ELA and 5th Science) - EOG Links  

Critical Thinking 

Power of encouragement -- The real truth about Encouragement -

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle 5k - Meredith Brown is a junior at Broughton High School, as well as a Joyner Elementary School and Daniels Middle School alumna. Over the past year, she has worked closely with the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. The race will be on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at 8:00 am at Dorothea Dix Park! Please join in helping this wonderful cause! If people are willing to help, they can donate or sign up to run/walk the race at

Classroom Teachers Elective sign up for 2017-2018:

Specialist Teachers Elective sign up for 2017-2018:

Upcoming Events

May 30th - EOG 3rd and 5th grade math 
May 31st - 5th Grade ELA EOG 
June 1st - 4th Grade ELA
June 2nd  - 4th Grade Math 
June 2nd - Class lists have been created 
June 2nd - End of year reviews complete (certified and non-certified)
June 9th - Last Day of School 
June 12th - Records Review - 10:00 
June 14-16th - Floors are being waxed and carpet is being cleaned - school building will be closed for cleaning floors and carpet. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22


EOGs - EOG start this Friday. All students in grades 3-5 will be taking the End of Grade Assessments per state policy. If parents have questions or concerns they need to contact Mr. Shillings.

Quarter 4 electives end on Thursday, May 25th.

Be sure to complete the form in the PTA Treasurer's mailbox for your Spring $100 Teacher Stipend if you haven't done so already.

March 24th:  PTA sponsored teacher breakfast to recognize the efforts with EOG's.

Please complete the Number Drummer Survey that Ashley sent to your email by today. Completion is necessary for the artist to get paid.  Thank you to our PTA for this opportunity.


Come support our students and the Arts Team at our K-1 Performance, Principal and the Pea on Thursday, May 25th at 7pm.

Passion Action Project: Some Art of Animation elective students are closing out their quarter with a Passion Action Project and need some donations. Along with animated PSA about the worth and talents of homeless and displaced people, they are constructing care packages for them. They really want to know they can make a difference. A drop off box will be in the carpool area this week only as well as in the learning lab for anything you or your students may have to contribute including but not limited to: List of items. Thank you


Business Meeting-May 25th at 8am for all staff to provide feedback for Assistant Principal search and provide EOY updates.

Exciting news!  We will be purchasing $4,000 worth of new books for our Leveled Book Room. Thank you to everyone for their shared work in this project and to our PTA for their financial support to make this happen.

Critical Thinking

K-2 and 4-5 CMAPP ELA lessons will be updated with enhanced lessons and posted by June 15 for the first quarter of 2017-2018. The enhancements includes 4C's connections, opportunities for scaffolding and digital learning!

Upcoming Events:

Thursday - Business meeting at 8:00
Thursday - Last day of 4th quarter electives  
Thursday - Principal and the Pea (k/1 performance) at 7:00
Friday - Beginning of EOGs (3rd grade reading and fifth grade science
May 29th - Memorial day (No school) 
May 30th - EOG 3rd and 5th grade math 
May 31st - 5th Grade ELA EOG 
June 1st - 4th Grade ELA
June 2nd  - 4th Grade Math 
June 2nd - Class lists have been created 
June 2nd - End of year reviews complete (certified and non-certified)

Make it a fantastic week! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 15


Electives 2017-2018 -  A Reminder... 1 specialist and 5 classroom teachers have already completed!   Please fill out your electives for next year. Be sure to read the notes in the form to ensure we have all the proper information to create the brochures. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Alexandria or Ashley. 

Classroom Teachers-

K-2 and 4-5 CMAPP ELA lessons will be updated with enhanced lessons and posted by June 15 for the first quarter of 2017-2018. The enhancements includes 4C's connections, opportunities for scaffolding and digital learning. 3rd grade CMAPP lessons will be align with the new ELA adopted material. 

Critical Thinking

Class lists - By June 1st, grade levels will need to have created class lists that are balanced and would be a class that you would be willing to teach. During the week of June 5th we will have class configuration meetings (more info to come on specifics). During the summer, Travis will assign teachers to class lists. Also, reminder to inform parents that if they have have a type of teacher there child would benefit from to email me also, if they have concerns about their child with particular students to email Travis this concern. 

mCLASS Updates May mCLASS newsletter Via WCPSS Elementary support. 

NCSU Triangle High Five Math Summit!
The NSCSU Triangle High Five Math Summit with be held at the Talley Student Center on August 2nd. As in past years, space allotted to our county is limited. At this time Wake is limited to an enrollment of 180 participants. We are asking that no more than 2 persons per school register using the SRN number below. Registration opens Friday May 5thFor year round schools, Academics will pay for up to 2 subs per school.
Date: August 2nd 
Location: Talley Student Center NCSU
SRN Number: 175822001

Save the Date- 2nd Grade Training Roll Out (Number Knowledge Test (NKT)The new school year is right around the corner! We are excited to have the opportunity to spend time with 2nd grade teachers digging in to early Numeracy Concepts as we have the past 2 years with K & 1 teachers. Please “Save the Date”for the 1st day of training for your school as listed below. Traditional
(Leesville – Zebulon) Date: 8/24 -- Time: 12:30-3:30 -- Location: TBD


EVAAS - EVAAS Roster Verification enables teachers, school administrators, and district administrators to verify that teachers are linked accurately to students. By enabling educators to specify proportions of instructional responsibility for each student, EVAAS ensures that students' academic growth is tied to individual teachers in the fairest and most accurate way possible. Teacher Verification: April 22 - May 19 
AIG, LEP, CCR, Interventionists need to have their % completed by May 12th so classroom teachers would be able to complete their portion. 
Classroom Teachers will need to have it completed by May 19th. 
Calculating Percentage Instruction - will provide examples for individual students. 


Number Drummer - Number Drummer is the ultimate math and music experience. See it! Feel it! Hear it! Play it! Number Drummer Live is a one-of-a-kind interactive show that has the entire audience “drumming up” mathematics for an awesome “surround sound” musical performance! The show takes participants through an entertaining and engaging sequence of music and math skills needed to be a Number Drummer and play in the show’s final performance. It is an awesome display of math that is heard as a rhythmic work of art. Special schedule for Friday, May 19 is here.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

May 8th


Interims for Quarter 4 go home with students on Tuesday, May 9th.

Just a reminder the Book Room Committee  will be meeting Tuesday, May 9th at 8:00 am in the Media Center. Committee members:   Please make sure you have listed all the books you'd like to order for your grade level and have an approximate total on your spreadsheet.

Friday May 12th is a workday.  There are no meetings scheduled.

Parent Academy for our ESL parents on Tuesday, May 9th (5:30-7:00).  Families will receive a session from the ESL department and we have also secured books for the students to take home for the summer!  

Wake Portal -- Please make sure you are using the Live Site EASi icon to create official incidents/documents. In addition, clarify this message to all your staff that may use the EASi system. The "training" site is available, but only for practice. 

Critical Thinking

Information regarding Blue/Yellow cards and Class Configuration meetings was sent to Leadership Representatives.  Typed class lists and completed b/y cards are due to Case Managers on June 1st.  Class configuration meeting schedule can be found here.

If you are interested in attending the Math Summit on August 2nd, please contact Ashley or Alexandria.  We have one spot left...

Five Points 5k  - The Third Annual Five Points 5K/Health Fair is May 20, 2017. Please come out and enjoy a great time with family, friends, and community members.  Part of the proceeds benefit Underwood's PE program.  For more information and to register as a participant or volunteer, go to


After months of incredibly hard and thorough work on the part of our stellar curriculum team – along with critical input from you, your teachers, parents and the community, the new ELA curriculum has been announced!   Expeditionary Learning (EL).  EL is an open-source literacy curriculum written by and for teachers. It was created to address the shifts in the Common Core standards as well as address the future needs of students competing in a global community.  The county will roll this out with third grade in 2017-2018 and 4th the following year.  5th grade will adopt the resource in 2019-2020.  


Jump Rope for Heart - Learn More: Information about Jump Rope for Heart Program (Start Video at 3:12)
Donate Here: Donation Link for Underwood   (online donations only)