Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 23rd


Sherry Pollock will be returning to Underwood next school year. We are anticipating adding a fourth kindergarten due to numbers and she has agreed to teach this class. 

EVAAS -- roster verification were due on Friday. I will be sending emails to teachers that have students that are over or under claimed and will need to be completed ASAP. 


3rd Grade baseball in third grade -- Twitter Status

Fifth grade Physics -- Fichter-Venners Science

When you feel frustrated with your children, do you tend to express your frustrations with commands, questions, accusations, or sarcasm? - Conscious Discipline® (link to an article) - "Become aware of how you are expressing your frustrations. Then strive to express your feelings in a direct and assertive way".

Critical Thinking 

Are we being purposeful with our student outcomes -- We went through 5 Cases of paper in ONE week, EEK...that is 25,000 sheets of paper - that averages out to 48 sheets of paper per student in one week.

Article -- What it means to be a great teacher 
Reflecting on your practice -- record-yourself-improve-your-practice

As a GT elective magnet, we have been given 5 additional months of employment to support our AIG program. The position will be to support in class higher level thinking opportunities for all students. It will be a coaching, modeling, and collaborative position. More information to come as the position is filled.


Writing with Rich Leonard, Ellen's class wring about the Civil War --  Author 

Thank you to all that came out to support the 3rd Annual Underwood Foundation Gala -- Photo

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