Monday, June 6, 2016

End of school year post

Critical thinking 

 Teacher Working Condition Survey Results (82% participation) -- Results can be found at - Underwood 572 -- these results will be discussed at our open of school meeting.


Principals for the Day  (per Foundation event)-- June 8th - Madeleine Clodfelter (am) and second grader Adam Clodfelter (pm). We will be walking around the building observing classes and walking the building. 

5th grade celebration -- Applause Parade at 10:30. Celebration ceremony - 11:00-11:50 in the multipurpose room and playground area from 11:50-1:15. 

EOGs -- We have two makeups to complete today and we will have completed our 2015-16 testing season!  Thank you to Tanya and Daphne for leading the daunting tasks of testing. 3rd grade results have came back and the students did a great job on showing their knowledge of the third grade curriculum. We will be getting fourth and fifth grade results on Tuesday. 


Mrs. Mann's Art Elective (public art) and 5th grade classes creating a Raleigh Mural!

Field Day is on Tuesday June 7th. We are looking forward to a fun and entertaining day for all students. 


Third and fourth grade class lists meetings will be on June 10th. Also, all cumulative folders reviews are completed on June 10th.

See you soon --- Thank you to Rachel Hansen for working so well with our students (and others) with IEP. Best of luck in Washington DC. Thank you to Nancy Weeks for her help in teaching our students Spanish, as well as supporting our Spanish speaking families. Thank you to Beth and Drew for their supporting in our front office! Thank you to Mr. Thrash in working with our ID-Mod2 class, he has been a big help. Thank you to Molly Hoffman for supporting second grade as one of the instructional assistants in that grade. Thank you to Karen Glenn for continuing to support our performers in the field of the Arts.

BIG THANK You to Sheryl Bryant and Jennifer Page for taking on two maternity leaves throughout the second semester. You all have been instrumental in smooth transitions! Thank you to Amelia Harrleson for supporting our ID Mod class for the last few months.

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