Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24th


Unicorn Trot was a huge success, excellent job in supporting the PTA in participating in the spirit days, the Unicorn Trot, and turning in students' pledges.

Lockdown - be sure to review with your students the lockdown procedures, we do one code red lockdown practice a semester.

Student Council - will meet Thursday at 2:45 (have the students leave the room at the 2:40 bell). 


Planning Days -- First quarter planning days have been completed, it is great to see the collaboration and supporting each other in tasks. 

Conscious Discipline -- Ashley will be working with the staff members that were unable to complete our early release session. 

Critical Thinking
Power schools -- thank you for continuing to input weekly assignments. We are continuing to work through the "grade" default (level 4). It seems to be something with the preference, but will continue to work through Help desk and Academics department.

End of Quarter - is this Friday. Report cards will be going home on November 8th. 


Artifacts - Be sure to save artifacts for our Magnet Fair (November 5th). Please turn these into Ashley or Alexandria. Magnet Fair is November 5th.

Rex Hospital - Please email me if you are interested in having your students create Valentine’s Day cards! This was such a thoughtful gesture last year and was much appreciated by our patients and their families.

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