Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 5th


Interims will be going home on December 13th.

YLearning - Last day before holidays is Thursday, Dec. 15.  It will resume on Monday, January 9.

Staff Holiday Celebration! - Friday, December 16 at The Point from 4:30-6:30.  Free appetizers and drawing for gift cards!  Mark your calendars. :)

Behavior Support Presentation - Presentation
  • Minor incident (handled in your setting) → you start/close incident report (with no other student names) →  you communicate with parent (phone, email, send home form) →  you communicate with homeroom teacher (major-same day, minor-within 2 days)
  • Major incident (call office for immediate need/bring to office)  →  you start incident report/click report button (include other student names for investigation then they will be deleted) →  admin closes out incident report and contacts parents
Staff brainstorming strategies to use to support students socially/emotionally

Critical Thinking

Instructional technology Facilitator - Our Learning Lab is a flexible, collaborative, shared  school environment that teachers utilize to enhance their classroom curriculum experiences.  Don't forget to go on your google calendar to reserve your time slot to bring your class to learn in the lab. This is no longer a computer lab but a space to learn math, writing, social studies, science, reading, elements of the arts. It is packed with flexible seating, creative learning materials, a projector, a chromecast equipped TV.  Come borrow the makey makeys, OSMOS, maker space materials, google cardboard, invite Tanya, (your ITF)  and/or Andrea Trowell to teach with you...let's keep the lab full of learning every day!


Strategies for anxious, aggressive, active child from 12/1 Business Meeting:

Mrs. Gary and Ms. Keith collaborating using the Art of Informational text with second graders! They were loving it!

Team Teaching -- Andrea and Tanya teaching roles are to collaboration with teacher to facilitate learning of  math, writing, social studies, science, reading, elements of the arts. They are supporting the shifts in learning and teaching that were discussed during our "What is Mtss". 


Coding - What is Coding -When your kid starts talking about loops, go-to commands, and branches, it probably means she's learning to code, and that's a very good thing. This week is Computer Science Week (Dec 5-8). Hour of Code is being hosted all over the world.  Coding is cross curricular and does not discriminate among ages.  It also should NOT be featured during this week only as it's benefits are far reaching and sustainable.  Tanya would love to host some coding lessons with classes this week and/or in the near future with a commitment of a few hour long coding lessons with classes.  Please email Tanya if you are willing to learn how coding with your class can enhance your lessons and support the learning with the 4Cs.  Together you can work out a schedule that works for you. Tanya's presentation - First and and Computer Science Week

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