Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 24


Mandatory EOG Administrator Training: Thursday, April 24 @ 7:45 in Media Center
ALL teachers in grades 3-5, specialists, special ed and admin team are required to attend this training. Alternate date is Tuesday, May 2 @ 7:45am

Mandatory EOG Proctor Training for Teacher Assistants: Teacher Assistants with the exception of Special ed TA's and Diana Callaghan will choose from one of the following times to be trained as a Proctor:
Tuesday, May 2 - 7:45 - Admin AND proctor training
Wednesday, May 10 @ 12:00pm
Tuesday, May 16 @ 8:00am OR 12:00am

Electives 2017-2018 - The year is beginning to come to a close and it is better to start checking things off your list! Please fill out your electives for next year. Be sure to read the notes in the form to ensure we have all the proper information to create the brochures. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Alex or Ashley. 

Classroom Teachers-

Critical Thinking

EVAAS - The EVAAS Spring Roster Verification process  is upon us. I believe you all received an email similar to the one below regarding the RV process for the spring semester. Please note that the Preview phase of the process ends on Friday, April 21st and teachers will receive an email on April 22nd letting them know that they can begin verifying their rosters. Teacher Verification: April 22 - May 19 (you will receive an email) - Log in with your username and password. Username: If you have forgotten your password, please click the 'Forgot Password' link on the login page. Questions and Answers Document

SSA Nomination - April 26 (4:15 pm) is the due date for SSA nominations.  If you receive a parent nomination, please forward them to us by that time, no later. If you have any students you think would benefit from this process, please contact their parents to make sure they're aware and direct them to the Wake Co. website:

End of Year Reviews - We are at that time of the year reviews for all certified staff. Be sure to sign up for -- Signs for end of year- a time to meet with Daphne and me by the 28th (this way we can have them on our calendars and be prepared prior to meeting). Reviews will start in May and will need to be completed prior to June 9th. Be sure to have your End of Year PDP updated and additional artifacts added to the Google Doc that Daphne sent out.
Instructional Assistants -- Teacher Assistant Evaluations are due by Friday, June 1, 2017.

NC Retirement - Annual Benefits Statement As a member of the various state retirement systems, your Annual Benefits Statement from the North Carolina Retirement Systems Division will be available exclusively online via ORBIT in May. The consolidated report is designed to make retirement planning easier by: • Identifying your active state retirement accounts, Social Security benefits, and all savings in the NC 401(k) Plan; • Projecting whether or not you are on the right track to save enough for retirement; and • Providing some helpful information on how to make up the difference in any potential savings gap. Access Your 2016 Statement You can access your statements online by visiting Once logged in to ORBIT, click on “View Annual Benefits Statement”, and select a statement year to view the PDF.


NCCAT opportunitiesWe invite you to search NCCAT's list of professional development programs scheduled for the fall. You can now register electronically and a "search all programs" page has been added for your convenience. Try it out! 


Wake ID Icon - Communications department has created a WakeID global icon for the school websites. This icon will replace the Webmail and Google Apps icons. We will apply the WakeID icon to your school website. This update will be completed by next Wednesday.

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