Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Weekly Updates and wonders...

 - Thank you to all that have added Daphne and I to your Memberhub page, it is great to see all the wonderful things going on in your classroom. Currently we have been added to 18 hubs. 
 - Twitter users (non Twitter users - How to Twitter 101) please include @underwoodgtm when tweeting out the great things going on in your classroom. These are visual on our school website (http://wcpss.net/underwoodes
 - Please tell your parents, friends, families to vote...also your peer educators. Last election only 25% of teachers/educators voted, strength in numbers.

Critical Thinking 
 - How can we learn from each other to increase vertical conversation and collaboration among staff?
 - How do we integrate the arts in our daily learning and literacy?

 - This is a focus on our leadership team learning sessions to increase our collaboration in PLTs, ER, etc. 
 - Magnet Fair is November 7th. If you would be able to participate, the sign up is in the mailroom. 
 - 2nd Quarter Planning Days have been set to increase collaboration and dialogue on learning outcomes. See Alex or Ashley on dates. 

 - How do we support our School Improvement Plan?
 - First attempt at a iMovie Trailer to share our story through electives - GT Electives

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