Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9th

Communication - Pride in the Hallway - Reminder to work with your hallway team to have at least two staff members in the middle of the hallway to support students with walking on the right side.
- Carpool procedures - starting Monday the 9th - We will need for all inside and outside carpool supervising to come down to the cafeteria at 3:35. This will allow for better supervision and support in the cafeteria. Additional details have been sent to the carpool team.
- It is essential in our work with children that we maintain confidential information just that, be mindful with what you share with parents, substitutes, and students. 

Collaboration What is a Makerspace and why are we creating one at Underwood? -
- Big Thank you to --- Star, Daphne, Rhonda (thanks for offering), Ashley and Alexandria for their hard work in representing us at the Magnet Fair on Saturday! Underwood rocked it!
- PLTs for this week and the week of the 25th. Due to no school for both days, be sure to find time to collaborate on curriculum planning, kid talk and data review at a different time during the week.

Critical Thinking - Glass Half Full on Internet Safety - this is the presentation from our Director of Instructional Technology and Media Services - Presentation. Some great points to think about and tips...

Creativity Kennan Fellows application- these are due January 18th. Click on the link for details.

- NC State Basketball Tickets for Teacher Appreciation - Discounted tickets - Code: TEACHER.  (I haven't seen anything from the 'HEELS!)
-  In your morning meeting please share --- This week is National School Psychologist Awareness Week. Did you know that we have a School Psychologist?  Our School Psychologist is Mrs. Charlotte Nagy. She works with you to help you do your best.  The School Psychologist may work with you in her office or may come and visit your classroom.  You may work with her/him by yourself or in a group.  She may help you with your reading, writing or math or may help you with friendships and following rules. Your school psychologist may talk with your teacher and your parents and wants to help you reach your goals.  School Psychologists are here to support you and help make school a fun place to learn and grow!
Kid President + Peanuts// Life is a Comic Have a great week!

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