Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15th

WOW! McClass Results for Mid year -- 91% of our students are in the green on their composite scores and 80% in blue or green for TRC. These are the highest results in the central area! 

Teacher Survey (thank you 5 teachers that have completed the survey, only 39 to go) --

What the students are learning in your classroom needs to be communicated often. Ideally this would be throughout the school week or a preview of what is to come. This should be done via Memberhub. 

Employee Transfer Period Begins March 1-Transfer Period for employees interested in transferring for 2016-17 will be March 1-April 30.The online transfer page will be available at 8 AM on March 1, 2016. 

Be sure to send home or electronically elective letters to our families. Our students spend 25% of their learning time in our electives so it is important that we share out their learning goals and progress.  

Help us make a difference in education by joining the Alliance for Excellent Education and the Digital Learning Day nationwide celebratory event this February 17th! This day is set aside to promote "the effective use of modern day tools afforded to every other industry to improve the learning experience in K-12 public schools."

Fourth Grade -- Literature circles with wonder statements being the conversation starters 
Third grade -- Collaborative conversation about Area/Perimeter questions. 

Critical Thinking
Case 21 data results -- it is important to dig deeper in reviewing the level of progress to ensure that we our make decisions using data and not opinions. 


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