Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14th

Only two Mondays from Spring Break....


Parent Portal -- Holly will be sending out information in April about the Parent Portal that will be opened through Power School. 5th graders will be the first to a chess this as they will be selecting their middle school electives.

Artpleasure is on March 23rd, please continue to publicize this fun event. Also if you are interested in joining the group that will be performing the surprise number we are looking for a few more people...

Laminating..reminder that items that are laminated should be be used for the entire year.


Read to Self outside in the Garden
WOW!!! Pieces of Gold performance was outstanding!  Thank you to Melissa, Rachel, and Karen for working with these students and kudos the performers!
UL 3rd Grade Field Trip

Personalized project 

Critical Thinking 

School improvement values:
#1 We will have high expectations for all students with multiple, varied opportunities to demonstrate growth. 
#2. We will reflect on best practices in order to continuously improve. 
#3 We will partner with our community to enhance all our programs 
#4 We will provide opportunities for parental involvement in their child’s learning.
 #5 We will personalize instructional practices to best meet the needs of all students. 
#6.We will analyze data to guide teaching and learning

learning through games (first grade)

Makerspace in the Ms. Gary's Class

Dancing through Go Noodle


Please complete the "interruption chart" for the next eight days. Our MTSS team is proving or disproving our hypothesis of why we are not having more success with specific subgroups. 

What would we want our maker space look like at Underwood?

Team learning through play...
3rd Graders learning about safety

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