Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 7th


Spotlight on Students -- March 22nd at 5:30 at the School Board Meeting. Wendy McNevin will be recognized by Dr. Merrill and the school board. If you are interested in attending the board meeting please let me know by Friday so we can try and reserve seats. 

 North Carolina’s Severe Weather Awareness Week March 6-12, 2016
 Statewide Tornado Drill for 2016 Wednesday, March 9, at 9:30 AM EST

Next Year staff placements - with shifting of number of classrooms at grade levels we will be having some movement, if you would like to be considered for grade change, please email or come and talk to me. This includes instructional assistants, I would like to have a fairly solid plan by May. Our Job Fair is April 30th. 

Critical Thinking 

Read to Achieve Summer Camp - Looking for potential teachers that will teach from July 11-27th (7-9 will be training). We are paired with Root and Powell for our camp. The camps will be at Powell elementary and will be available to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students. Email me if you are interested so  I can give your names to the coordinator at Powell Elementary. 

Parent Portal - Holly went to a training for information about opening up the Parent Portal for our families. We will be working on logistics, but parents will have access to view their addresses, phone number, emergency contacts, and email addresses. We will be opening the portal in upcoming month(s). Grade books will not be assessable this year, but will be in the fall. Rising sixth grade parents will be using the portal to view/edit their child's electives for middle school.  More information to come. 

Mastery Connect - (Pat Miller is a great resource) -- Teachers in grades 2-12 can create, find and collaborate on formative assessments using Mastery Connect. SCORE21 items are accessible through this resource. Go to and use your WakeID credentials to login. If teachers are not able to access their account, please email Marlo Gaddis ( or Eva Higgins ( Online training and support for the resource are available for teachers: 

1.     Interactive Tour – Go to the top right to access.
2.     Mindful – Click on the “brady bunch” squares in the top left menu. Choose Mindful. There are a variety of online courses based on comfort and knowledge level.


Economics Fair (2nd grade) -- Going Nuts - Performance 3/17 at 7


Canvas - online learning platform that will incorporate many applications
Beginning Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 6:00am, the login URL for Canvas will be
  • All users (both staff and students) will be prompted to log into Canvas using their WakeID credentials.
  • NCEdCloud will no longer be used to access Canvas.
  • This change does not impact course content or course enrollments.

NC Ties 

CAM - First Friday SUCCESS! 

CAM fifth graders

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