Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11

TEACHER and STAFF Appreciation Week
Monday - BB8 Breakfast
Tuesday - Han "Solo" Chair Massage
Wednesday - Storm Trooper Sweet and Savory Snack Bar
Thursday - Skywalker Smoothie
Friday - Light Saber Lunch (Dress up like your favorite Star War Character)


PLT Focuses --- What do we want the student to learn (Curriculum), How will we know that they learned it (Assessment, Project, Lessons), and what will we do if they do/don't know it (reteach, extend). 

End of year Evaluations - You will be receiving a document to add additional artifact items to be used in your end of year reviews. Also you will need to complete your PDPs by May 6th. These will be discussed during your end of year review. A sign up schedule for end of year reviews will be coming out this week. Daphne and I will be completing these together. 


Principal for the Day - Wednesday Molly Anderson will be joining me as principal for the day. We will be walking around the school from 9:30-10:30 and 2:00-3:00, she will be coming up to staff members asking if you all need anything and how she can help you.

What is happening at Underwood via Twitter


Student created videos

Critical Thinking 

Class Lists - When grade levels are creating class lists it will be important for you all to create balanced classes that any teacher would want to teach. We are able to control the learning environment. Also, these will need to be completed outside of PLT meetings. PLT meetings are to focus on this year's work. 

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