Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekly Updates -- April 18th


Thank you to our wonderful PTA and parents for the Staff Appreciation Week!
Victoria, Charlotte, and Linda for leading the Parent Conscious Discipline Cohort.

Candace Gottfried, Nancy Weeks, Brenda Herb, Victoria Romero, and Daphne Nance for our parent academy for our LEP families.

Great job science Olympiads
Underwood on Twitter...


Math Summit - August 10 - 11 - if interested -- SAS Math Summit

Summer STEM - We have a couple of teachers interested let me know if you are interested in being apart of this opportunity.
This next link is the SummerSTEM 2016 information for your teachers to apply:

Power schools concerns --


Students marking using real world

Vocabulary words across all settings 


TIER III/DEC 1 - It is essential that we continue to progress monitor during the school year. 

Recommitting to our PRIDE Commitments

Critical Thinking 

I can statements for students to know what they are learning during the day. 

Class lists creating for next school year focused on classroom environment and class make up. 

School Improvement team will be having a planning session tomorrow afternoon to review our CNA (Comprehensive Needs Assessment) to create a school goals and action steps. 

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