Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27


Annual WCPSS Student Surveys for grades 4&5 - school engagement and "grit"(approx 10 minutes) and focus of 4th grade is extracurricular activities and advanced courses (5-6 minutes). Each survey is available in both English and Spanish and each student can access their survey in either language using the following link: must take these surveys at school, as the link is not accessible outside of the WCPSS computer network. students will have to use their PowerSchool ID number to access their survey. The surveys will remain active from March 20th to May 26th, so please ensure that all grades 4-5 and 7-12 students have the opportunity to complete the survey at school before May 26th.  Results will be tabulated by school and reported out this summer. 

Playground safety - We need to continue to monitor students on the playground and spread out across the playground. Be sure to communicate if concerns arise so they can be addressed and communicated to students. 

Electives - Quarter 4 Electives begin today!  Check your students rosters online if you are unsure of where they are going.  Please check your elective rosters too for the first week!  If a student is not showing up, please let the homeroom teacher and/or office know they are not present.  We want to ensure all students are safe.  Please submit any changes on the Elective Change form.  Elective Change Form 

Elective Reports Cards are to be completed by March 31st.   

Active Learning Grant --- Underwood was awarded one of the first annual Active Learning Spaces Grant ($50,000) to be used to provide resources (furniture, devices) to increase the flexibility of the media center. We are planning to have the items in place to start the 2017-18 school year.

Grade Level Report Cards-  Report Cards go home on April 7th!  

Critical Thinking

School Family Assembly-We are looking forward to March 31st from 9:30-10:15 for our next School Family Assembly.  We will be highlighting and teaching assertiveness within the mini-lesson!

NC House Bill 13 - Shared at the Principals Meeting -- This would impact the way districts use flexibility with academic (arts, languages, PE, and other areas) months and teachers months for k-3 positions. Additional Information. Travis is available to meet with individuals or teams, at this time the district has not made adjustments to allotments. The bill has passed in the house and is now in the senate. More info to come. 

Third Grade - Mr. Brown continues to be out on leave for an undetermined amount of time. To provide consistency and continuity, Heather Peaden will be the teacher of record for this class for the remainder of the school year. This information was shared with the parents of this class Friday evening. After Heather has been able to transition, a substitute will be hired to work the 3-5 teacher position. 


Kim Hughes will be on campus on Thursday to continue in-classroom coaching with Conscious Discipline!

Foundation Gala - thank you to those who participated at the Gala. Ashley Cooper did a great job of organizing the event. Thank you to our student teachers for volunteering to help work the event. As well as JR who led the Live Auction portion of the night.

Beautification - Our Grounds Day was a success! We were able to do a lot of trimming, cleaning and mulching the playground area. Thank you to Alexandria and Ceil for assisting in this event. Teachers please be sure that students are using the sidewalk chalk in appropriate places (not the bricks area). 


Artspleasure - Wow!  ArtsPleasure 2017 will go down in the books as a great celebration.  I have no clue about money raised, but the event was well attended starting with Stomp after school 'til we locked the doors after 8:00.  The Arts Team would like to thank all of your for your support.  I am afraid I might miss someone if we started typing names, so we extend a huge hug and gratitude to all.  Thanks for donations of time, energy, and support.  We could not carry out such a successful event without your support.

It is great to work at a place where the Arts are a strong and vibrant part of the culture!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Underwood Arts Team

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