Friday, September 16, 2016

September 16th


- The expectation for Power School Gradebook is that there are 3 ELA, 3 Math, 1 science / Social Studies assignments with a conduct and work habit each week. After the first week, we had 75% success rate for having assignments into Powerschool (good start). Be sure that you record the grades for the assignment, unless the assignment carries over to the next week. Also, integration of subjects in assignments is encouraged and supported as one of the assignments for multiple subjects. Objectives that are being assessed should be in your Memberhub announcement for families previewing the week. Be sure to "unclick" publish to deter from public view.  

Elective website will go live on September 20th, be sure to have your letter uploaded - if you have questions see Andrea, Tanya or Christine (Theme Team). 

Member hub - be sure to add Daphne and I ( to your memberhub. 

Magnet Parent Tours for perspective parents start next week 9/20 (check calendar on our website - 


Laptops, iPads, and iPods have been distributed by teams. We will need to work together when one teacher on the team needs additional devices. The goal is not to have the devices staying in the separate rooms. 

We need to continue to work together as a team to support our learners, but also in a way to builds a community and not taking things personal. shares insights on 7 forms of collaboration, asking good questions, and modeling what to expect.

Critical Thinking

Planning Day focuses on --- identifying ELOs and mapping out when to teach them and how to assess them (creating assignments, unit/project creation, other ways for students to show their knowledge).

Self-assessment/PDP --- Sign up - we need to all have plans signed off on by October 5th.


See what your peers are creating in their classroom via Twitter --

NCTIES has opened our Call to Present Applications.  If you are interested in presenting at our 2017 Endless Possibilities conference, please submit your proposal at  The application process will be open from September 8, 2016 until October 24th, 2016.

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