Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 23rd


Be sure to complete the form -- Unicorn Trot shirts

Early Release -- Sept 30th (Agenda will be sent out Monday). Thank you for the feedback from our last Early Release and voicing next week's agenda items --

Money Collection and Receipt Procedures - be sure to review Germaine's email on September 21st 
about the WCPSS procedures for collecting and receipting money. 

YLearning Parent Meeting - This Thursday, there will be a meeting for parents of students invited 
to be part of our YLearning program. It will be held from 5:00-5:30 in the Media center. 
Christian Ruark (YMCA) will share with parents the purpose and goals of this afterschool tutorial
program.  Dinner will be provided and families encouraged to attend our Back to School picnic.  We are happy to share 
that Scott B, Cheryl W and Karen FV will be part of this program! 

BACK TO SCHOOL PICNIC - THURSDAY, September 29 from 5:30-7:00pm.  Hope to see you there!!!

All Field trip forms are due ASAP! Many thanks to the grade levels that have turned in the
required paperwork!

They are backkk!!!!  Healthsource is providing 10 minute massages on Oct. 4 and Oct. 5. 
The link has been send through email and here:


Would you like to help out with Science Olympiad, our parents are fantastic in working with the teams and are hoping that some teachers would provide some additional assistance and knowledge. Email me if you are interested and I will share with Lauren Blackburn.

Critical Thinking 
As a part of my continuous learning at our principal meetings and the district vision 2020 - The Dynamic Learning Experiences Pulse Check is an opportunity for WCPSS leaders and individual staff members to assess their current understanding and implementation of the key themes and “bucket areas” of the Wake Vision. The Pulse Check is a short survey  focused in the following key areas: leadership and culture, learner agency, social and emotional learning, digital learning and the “4Cs”. It is designed to provide a snapshot of the current knowledge and practices in these areas and to serve as a guide to focus local professional development efforts. - Pulse Check Please complete by October 7th. The survey is anonymous and the results will be discussed at our next area principal's meeting. I will be able to see the overall results, the more honest and accurate feedback the better.

Teachers sharing their classroom via Twitter

Vocabulary in Mrs. Beeson's class 
Casting to TV to support ESL students 

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