Sunday, November 13, 2016

November 14th

Communication -- #weareunderwood

Book Fair -Book Fair Sign Up (be sure to sign up for preview and buy).

IOWA testing - will be Wed, Dec. 7 and Thurs., Dec 8.

Teacher Observations - First Admin observation are to be completed by the end of the November. All second observations will be by the other administrator then the first one. 

Teacher Workday - Wednesday 23rd is a workday, be sure to turn in a  eave form if you are not planning on working that day. 

Critical Thinking

Server Upgrade - We scheduled to be reimaged on Monday, December 5th, no computer access for that day until and all call is made (don't plan to have computer access that day). 

Professional readingBook Lists (add Writing the Classroom Wall and Personalized Learning) - check out these educational books. If you would like a copy come and see me or if you would like to do a book study as a team or group.

Theme Teams - Great job by all of the Magnet Theme Teams! Our goal for these teams was to "scream our theme" of Gifted & Talented and you all are achieving that goal - with hall displays, media center hallway display, elective offerings, community outreach. Thank you for your efforts, it doesn't go unnoticed by Travis, Daphne, Alexandria, and Ashley!


Planning Days - Second quarter planning days should focus on identify third quarter ELOs. Determine some assessment tasks that would be measured 2-3 weeks. Assessments don't have to be tests, they should be other learning opportunities that require students to think and respond to show mastery of a skill. 

Technology Office Hours - Tanya will be hosting one-on-one or focus group discussions on technology items or integration on Tuesday (7:45-8:30). This week's topic will include bookmarking sites to the cloud to prepare for the Dec 5th server upgrade. 

Arrival - We need to continue to support our students in their movement throughout the building. It is great for upper grade students to want to visit teachers, please provide the welcome that they desire and redirect them to their classroom to start their day. 


Elective Letters - due to the Google Drive folder on November 10. Parents will be notified in this week's PTA communication that letters can be found on the Elective Letter webpage. If you have not already, please upload your letter so that Andrea and Tanya can get it on the webpage for parents. If needed, directions can be found here - Elective Letter Directions

Magnet Magazine - Why Magnet? First publication of Explore Magnet (Travis is excited to say that he is quoted in the "Ready, Set, Go...") - Also Rhonda Miller's picture is on page 11 with the Kindergarten Basis! 

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