Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21st


Lockdown Feedback - We would like to use an app Remind 101 -- (to be a part of the text message) as a way to communicate during emergency, but also to share information about school closings, delays, and other information. The app is free, but text rate apply if applicable.

PBIS Updates regarding behavior/communication:
  • Teachers are responsible for entering major/minor referrals for incidents that occur in their classroom (Specialists during Specials, Elective teachers during electives, etc).
  • All staff should enter minors and majors into the SIRS system.  Once a major referral has been entered, Travis/Daphne will be notified and complete the incident report.  If you need help entering major referrals, see Rhonda Miller.  This process will also be reviewed at the December Business meeting.
  • All behavior incidents occurring in Specials/Electives should be reported to the homeroom teacher (majors-same day, minors-within two days). 
  • Minor referral and communication clarification:  If the purpose of a minor is to communicate a concern, then parents should be notified either by phone or email (whether you are the homeroom/elective teacher or Specialist).   If teachers have had direct contact with parents,  then sending a copy of the minor referral home wouldn't be needed. (Communicating directly with parents doesn't negate having to enter the minor referral). 
  • The purpose of collecting data (whether it be major/minor referrals, behavior charts, frequency charts, etc) gives us the opportunity to capture what is happening.  It then allows us to analyze, problem-solve and make decisions.  Many supports are available for students, however without accurate data to show the need is warranted, these opportunities can not be utilized.  Examples of in house supports we have in place at Underwood include:  small groups with Victoria, behavior support groups during Specialist push in time (Rachel), Feeling Buddies curriculum (Ashley), check in/check out program.

Critical Thinking

Reminder-  Check your elective classes for third and fourth quarter and submit any instructional needs by December 9th.  All magnet money has to be spent before we leave for the holiday break.
Instructional Funds Request Form-
Elective Classes-  3rd and 4th quarter-


Last Thursday Kim Hughes spent the day in five classrooms coaching and supporting the implementation of Conscious Discipline!

Early Release Day December 2nd we will allow for a collaborative presentation to overview MTSS for the first hour, followed by an hour of team time.

Highlight of the Week!  Kellie Harris double checked her rosters and notified Alexandria and Ashley about students that either were/were not showing up to her elective classes.  This helped ensure the safety of all students and provides a location for them in the event of an emergency or early dismissal.

On December 2nd, we welcome Digerido as a K-2 and 3-5 Cultural Arts Performance.  Digeridoo Down Under is a fusion of Australian music, culture, art, science, literacy and comedy.  We appreciate our PTA's support and funding of these learning opportunities for our students!

As we are in the middle of Quarter 2 electives, if you have any artifacts from an academic elective that could be used in our display case outside the Media Center, please pass them along to Travis. Thank you to Lauren for taking on the vision of the display.

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