Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7th


Morning Message - Starting Tuesday November 15th the Morning News will be producing their shows on Tuesday and Thursday this will be a collaborative effort with the elective and myself. Mrs. Trowell will send out the message on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Be share to show the morning message during the school day, this could be during your morning meeting, snack time or a part of your brain break.

Server Upgrade - we will be having our server upgraded on December 5th. More information to come (meeting with the person on the Friday the fourth). 

Electives Start Today-  Please submit all change requests on this form.
 Check your rosters daily and notify us of any discrepancies.

Election 2 Hour Day - A district-wide phone call to all parents tonight in English and Spanish about the two-hour delay tomorrow. 

Critical Thinking 

Highlight of the Week!  Mrs. Herb selects one goal from each quarter's list of goals for students to focus.  They aim to master this standard at 80%.  Daily they review the goal.  Mrs. Herb learned this best practice in her PLT for the county last year, and states that on average all of her students are mastering each of the "said" goals at 80% or higher.  Way to go! 


Elective Share -- Excellent job by students and teachers during the Elective Share. It was great to see a variety of students and electives being shared on Thursday. 
Creativity and the Curriculum--Instead of fighting the Halloween jitters, Mrs. Jennessee applied her science standards and worked with the students' excitement.  In this particular instance, they predicted and questioned how the baking soda was going to react with the other ingredients.



Thanks to the Star, Rhonda, Sherry, Pat, Lauren, Alexandria, Ashley, Heather Peaden, Sharon, Maggie and Scott, for volunteering at the magnet fair!  We really appreciate the support and knowledge you shared with prospective parents!

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