Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 3


Testing Dates for Case 21 for grades 2-5  - The time allotted for each subject is 90 minutes. Grade levels can use additional time for testing another day. Grade levels are responsible for creating these times and testing. Testing must be completed no later than Friday, January 27 so that tests can be turned in for scoring. If you have any questions, see Tanya or Daphne.

Parents - Reminder that the expectation is a minimum of one communication to families a week that provide details about what objectives are being taught, upcoming events, other pertain information.

We are so excited that Megan Hill has joined our 3rd grade team! Welcome Megan! :)

Business meeting is Thursday at 7:45. 


Playground Structure -- Kompan had a delay in their shipment, so our play structure is on campus, but has not been constructed due to the delay in delivery and the rain on Sunday and Monday. They will be completing in the one of the next weekends as it needs 2 days to settle. There is caution tape around the please be sure to keep students from the area. 

Critical Thinking

SIP -- 2016-2018 School improvement plan

Quarter 3 and 4 Planning Days-  Please begin to identify dates with your team for planning days.  We would like teams to focus on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday's.  


Discovery Education Coaching - Underwood is one of 27 schools in Wake County that will be working with a Discovery Education coach (Cori Carr) to support our school improvement plan through collaboration, technology, learning rounds and other items. More info to come. 

Conscious Discipline -  Thursday Kim Hughes will be on campus for a coaching session. please know that when she comes into your room her role is to strengthen your CD journey as she models the various skills and powers of CD as well as to observe / model / coach and offer considerations, NOT to evaluate your implementation of CD. 

Elective Information:

  • Registration will be begin the next few days.  Please be ready to support us through the process of registering your students.  It would be helpful to watch the video prior to our arrival.  We will send you an email with the link. 
  • 2nd quarter electives-  End January 12th!  Please complete elective report cards by January 19th.  
  • 3rd quarter electives-  Begin January 30th-  please pick up your elective curriculum by January 23 to ensure we have all the materials you need.  

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