Sunday, January 29, 2017

January 30th

Barrington Irving (Speaker on January 31st at 2:40pm for Grades 3-5) - Feature in National Geographic - Article --(you may have to be signed into your email account).

Interpreter Form - Please complete the following --- Form for requesting help  -- So Victoria can support communication with our Spanish speaking families.

Parking -  Be sure to be cautious about parking on the street. From our neighbor - "I live on the corner of Harvey and Scales on the same side of the street as Underwood.  Your teachers and parents park by our house daily.  This is fine except for when they block our driveway".

Access Testing - See Sheree's email about testing schedule. We have tried to reduce the number of interruptions with this required test for students with English as a Second Langauge (ESL), so be flexible when they are needed to test. 

Elective Updates:
  • Q3 electives begin Tuesday, January 31st.  If elective changes are needed, complete the form on the uni-news.
  • Elective letters are due by February 7th (add to shared Welcome Letter Folder)
  • Complete your elective door sign asap if you haven't already (add to Google Folder)

Critical Thinking 
Intent Forms -- In preparation for next year,  you will receive an 2017-18 intent form.  Please complete it along with the questions on the back by February 24th. We will be using the questions to guide our leadership team and PD. At this point, we will have 3 classes in each of the k-2 grade levels and 4 classes in each of the 3-5 classrooms. I have not received allotment numbers, but based on projected student enrollment this would be our plan.

Business Meeting on Thursday - We will be continuing our Team Initiated Problem Solving discussion in our teams to support students growth.

CAM Residency Showcase- Join us February 3rd from 5-6pm at CAM to celebrate the collaborative efforts of our 5th grade students and Visual Artist Shannon Newby!

NC Museum of History Resource!  History-in-a-box resources are free to rent for 3 weeks for educators.  There is a return fee, but it can be waved if you just return the box to the museum. Standards are listed under each kit.   Here is the link to the site for the kits.  

Media and Technology -- Collaboration Form to work with Andrea and/or Tanya to integrate technology and research into your lessons. 
Students created research

Paperless problem solving

Student work...

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